FDOT District Five – Lake County, FL

  • Extended the life of the pavement by overbuilding the existing asphalt
  • Corrected minor drainage/flooding issues
  • Provided connectivity for pedestrians between the rural and urban sections

Ingenium Enterprises professional staff prepared construction plans and specifications for SR 44 from the Lake/Sumter County Line to the intersection of SR 44/CR 468. The primary purpose of this project was to rehabilitate the pavement to extend its service life. Due to a low existing Resilient Modulus, the original pavement design called for reconstructing a portion of the roadway. After analyzing the pavement structural number and the potential construction cost savings, overbuilding the existing asphalt with an additional 2.5 inches of asphalt was selected to carry forward into design. This required the reconstruction of 5 median openings and numerous side street and driveway connections. There are both urban and rural shoulders along the project corridor and connection details between these shoulder types, as well as different pavement designs were included in the plans. We also provided connections between existing sidewalk and the paved shoulders to allow for pedestrian connectivity along the project. Additional services included signing and pavement markings, upgraded the existing signal, and minor drainage improvements for areas experiencing minor flooding. This project was designed using the District Five “SMART” plan approach with limited survey and limited plan sheets.