FDOT District Three – Escambia County, Florida

  • Facilitated public hearings for access modifications
  • Introduced left-in/left-out median opening to district

Ingenium Enterprises professional staff were tasked with providing construction plans and specifications for safety improvements to three intersection projects in Escambia County. At the intersection of SR 742 (Creighton Road) at SR 289 (9th Avenue), an additional eastbound left-turn lane and traffic separator were designed along SR 742. The second intersection, SR 296 (Bayou Boulevard) at 12th Avenue also required the design of a left-turn lane and traffic separator along SR 296. At the intersection of SR 727 (Fairfield Drive) at North 65th Avenue, our team added a right- turn lane at the intersection and a short left turn lane into a nearby apartment complex. Our professionals were able to effectively minimize the required right of way and utility relocations on these projects by reducing lane widths and widening mainly to one side of the roadway. On SR 296, we introduced a new median opening configuration that is used in other Districts, and were able to accommodate left turns in and out of a side street located 600 feet from the intersection. A Public Hearing was required on the SR 742 and SR 296 projects to communicate the addition of the traffic separator that modified the access to adjacent businesses. Other major work items for this project consisted of signal upgrades, ADA enhancements, and pavement marking replacement due to the widening and resurfacing operations.