Ingenium Enterprises, Inc. prepared a Signing and Pavement Marking Plans for the Ultimate Project for the SR 8 (I-10) at SR 95 (US 29) Interchange in Escambia County, FL. The Ultimate Project reconstructs the interchange to address future capacity, operations, and safety issues. Major project components include.

1) Construct six new mainline lanes on I-10 through the center of the interchange (requires 6 bridges)

2) Convert existing I-10 mainline bridges to serve as proposed ramps.

3) Remove the eastbound I-10 mainline bridges to serve as proposed ramps.

4) Construct extended two-lane ramps east of the interchange.

5) Replace the existing North Palafox Street and CSX bridges to provide room for the extended ramps on I-10

6) Modify the intersection of Diamond Dairy Road at US 29 to allow access to the eastbound and westbound I-10 ramps from Diamond Dairy Road.

7) Construct stormwater ponds.